La Hacienda Paracas Hotel
Hotel Category: 4 star

Paracas Bay La Hacienda is only four hours of Lima and is a haven for lovers of peace, the sea and history. A hotel overlooking a bay that is memorable sunsets and surrounded by landscapes of ensueño.Desde here, you can start your tour of the only marine protected area in Peru: Paracas National Reserve, where you can find great beaches, unique variety of flora and fauna, and visit the remains of the Paracas culture enigmatic.


Nazca Lines:

There are many theories that have sprung up around these mysterious prints: from suggesting runways for extraterrestrial beings to the lines you see on a giant seismograph. Most likely, as noted by Maria Reiche, a German who devoted his life to studying the lines, it is a monumental astronomical calendar whose figures marked different solar periods or phases.

Paracas National Reserve:

Visit some of the 335 000 hectares of this reserve through an arid desert that houses a variety of sea birds and wildlife that can be seen in its natural environment.

Ballestas Islands:

These islands are spectacular and are home to thousands of birds and sea lions. The islands have over 150 species of seabirds including penguins, pelicans and sometimes even dolphins swimming in the sea.

Room Description:

All rooms are fully equipped with TV. 21 “cable, personal desk, air conditioning and heating, direct dial national and international, wireless broadband wireless Internet, minibar. V. 110-220 Current hair dryer, bathroom with tub.

Single room:Room with king bed and private terrace.

Double: rooms with beds for 2 people and a private terrace.

Suites: Located on the 2nd floor of the hotel offer magnificent views from their balconies to the sea or from the terrace with jacuzzi, besides having a fireplace.

The Shrine: Rooms with bunk beds for up to 6 people with bathroom and closet privado.En this type of accommodation you buy the bed so it is likely that a client may share with other guests of the same sex. It has a spacious courtyard, a meeting place and fun for everyone.

Bungalows, 7 Bungalows, condo, to living at home, enjoying all the amenities of the Hotel just steps from the beach.The facilities are spread over 2 floors and are fully equipadas.Cuentan a cozy living room, kitchenette, 4 bedrooms and terrace.Rates include:

Breakfast buffet except for the bungalows, do not include payment of 19% VAT for clients Peruvians and foreigners living in Peru.

  • A master bedroom with king bed, bathroom with Roman style tub.
  • A guest room with double bed and a half.
  • A double room.
  • A children’s room equipped with 4 beds.

Hotel Facilities:

Ocean Spa: Relax by the sea with ocean energy in our new, modern spa, which offer the latest body treatments and relaxing, with a menu designed exclusively for you. Additionally we have a modern gym.

The Coral Restaurant: Our restaurant The Coral has a wide and inviting terrace overlooking the bay, there will enjoy a select menu with the flavors of Peruvian cuisine.

The Chandelier Lounge: We designed a space where you are guaranteed the peace of the bay, where you can enjoy a good read or just listen to light music.

Mariners Bar: The place where tranquility of the tax becomes fun, with a varied bar accompanied by live music.

Convention Center Reserve: Ready to receive up to 350 people with the latest audiovisual equipment. Just imagine your event and we’ll oblige.

The Cafeteria Huarango: Let pamper with love and dedication of the traditional bakery in El Jazmin, an environment that will take you back to the past in our beautiful colonial patio.

Rates 2014
Room Price USD
Single 140.00
Double 170.00
Triple 300.00
Suites 330.00
Bungalows 590.00
  • Rates do not include the payment of VAT to 18% of Peruvians and foreigners living in Peru.
  • Rates do not include 10% of services

Information for Shipping charges.

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